Heyco Strain Reliefs Air Tool Air Tool Replacement Parts
0T00 Air Tool Series 1678 Components
per Tool
0T03 1 Handle
0T04 1 Valve Spring
0T05 2 Valve O Ring
0T06 1 Valve Stem
0T07 1 Stem Plate
0T08 1 Head O Ring
0T09 1 Piston & Rod Assembly
(0T10 + 0T11)
0T10 1 Piston
0T11 1 Piston Rod
0T12 1 Piston O Ring
0T13 1 Rod O Ring
0T14 1 Rod Bearing
0T15 1 Front Head
0T16 1 Cylinder Body
0T17 1 Plug
0T19 2 Body Plate
0T20 1 Roller Bar
0T21 1 Rod Screw Pad
0T22 2 Roller
0T23 1 Link Driver
0T24 1 Link
0T25 4 Pivot Pin
0T26 1 Upper Jaw Pivot Bushing
0T31 1 Filter O Ring
0T32 1 Filter Element
  0T36* 2 Upper Jaw Side Spacer
0T40 2 1/4 x 1/8 Hose Fitting
0T41 1 1/4" Air Hose 5ft. (1,5M)
  0T77* 1 Non-Casted Lower Jaw Plate
*May be required with Secondary Jaw Style
Optional Parts
Upper Jaws
(Odd Numbered Options)
Lower Jaw
(Even Numbered Options)
0T47 0T48 Jaws .375 Hole
0T49 0T50 Jaws .437 A Hole
0T51 0T52 Jaws .437 Hole
0T53 0T54 Jaws .500 A Hole
0T55 0T56 Jaws .500 Hole
0T59 0T60 Jaws .562 Hole
0T61 0T62 Jaws .625 Hole
  0T63*   0T64* Jaws .750 A Hole
  0T65*   0T66* Jaws .750 Hole
  0T67*   0T68* Jaws .875 Hole
0T69 0T70 Jaws .375 x .625 Hole
  0T71*   0T72* Jaws .875 A Hole
0T73 0T74 Jaws .560 x .730 Hole
0T75 0T76 Jaws .750 x .875 Hole
*Secondary Jaw Style
Air Tool