Heyco Power Components Aluminum Modular Splice Blocks
Aluminum Modular Splice Block

Material: Glass-filled polyester insulator block and high strength tempered Aluminum Alloy 6061, tin plated to resist oxidation and galvanic corrosion, and with conductivity of approximately 43% IACS. Zinc plated steel screws with trivalent (Cr+3) chromate top layer.


Recognized Class ZMVV2.E61509

File 8919

Temperature Rating: 90°C (194°F)

  • The Modular Splice Block is a modular, interlocking power splicing block.
  • Simply slip on and lock into place the number of poles needed for your application. Modular design reduces stocking requirements.
  • Made of tin plated aluminum in order to provide reliable connectors for copper or aluminum wires.
  • Blocks are mounted in a high-strength glass-reinforced polyester base.
  • Rated for 600 Volts.
Heyco® Aluminum Modular Splice Blocks
Single Splice for 115 to 175 Amps
Part Specifications Part Number Description Part Dimensions
AWG Amps
per Pole
Line Side Load Side Black in. mm. in. mm. in. mm.
2 - 14 2 - 14 115 S6530 MSS 14-2 1-Pole 2.90 73,7 1.04 26,4 2.34 59,4