Heyco Power Components Screwless Junction Boxes
Screwless Junction Boxes

Material: 6/6 Nylon


File E80121

File LR-210961

Material Temperature Index: 105°C (221°F)

  • Heyco's Screwless Junction Box Connectors are sized to fit popular wire ranges–16-20 ga. as well as 14-18ga. These sizes are available in 5 and 8 pole versions.
  • These UL and CSA approved connectors provide a secure and safe connection and permit the use of different gauge wires together. Once installed, wires are gripped firmly using a spring retention feature.
  • This snug connection is vibration-proof and eliminates any loose wires and unsafe connections that can occur during shipping and handling. You simply push the solid CU wire into place and the connection is made, quickly and easily. This simple motion reduces the risk of repetitive motion injuries.
  • Their unique design allows for more efficient product assembly flow since, unlike wire nut-type connectors, there is no need for all wires to be in place before individual wires are assembled into the connector.
  • Molded of nylon, these connectors are available in either transparent or gray color, and are rated to 600 volts.
Step 1 Push stripped wire into the connector as far as possible. Wire strip length as shown on connector.
Step 2 Twist and pull.
Use for solid wires only
Use for solid or tinned copper wires only.
Heyco® Screwless Junction Box Connectors
Wire Size
mm2 Number
of Poles
Part Number Description A
Gray Clear in. mm.
16-20 AWG 1.5 8 9593 SJBC 1620-8 1.039 26,4
14-18 AWG 2.5 5 9594 9595 SJBC 1418-5   .866 22,0
14-18 AWG 2.5 8 9596 9597 SJBC 1418-8 1.272 32,3