Heyco Conduit, Tubing & Fittings Flexicon Technical Specifications

Chemical Resistance - Flexicon Corrugated Nylon Nonmetallic Conduit and Fittings

x = Provides good resistance to this substance. o = Provides limited resistance to this substance.

Conduit System Substance / Chemical
Type FPAS Type FPI Type FPP
Nylon LFH PA6,
standard weight
Nylon PA12,
standard weight
standard weight
x x x Acetone
x x o Benzene
x x o Carbon Tetrachloride
x x x Citric Acid
x x x Diesel Oil
x o x Diethylamine
x o x Ethanol
x x x Ether
x o x Ethylamine
x x x Ethylene Glycol
x x x Freon 32
x x x Lubricating Oil
x x x Mek
x x x Paraffin Oil
x x x Petrol
x x x Sea Water
x x x Silver Nitrate
x x x Skydrol
x x x Sodium Chloride
x x x Sodium Hydroxide (10%)
x o x Sodium Hydroxide (60%)
x x x Toluene
x x x Transformer Oil
x x o 1,1,1-Trichloroethane
x x Poor Resistance Turpentine
x x x Vegetable Oil
x x x Water
Design Characteristics
75 45 35 Compression Strength*
(kg/100 mm)
40 30 25 Pull Off Strength* (kg)
-40° to 120° C -50° to 110° C -20° to 90° C Temperature Range
45 35 40 Inside Bend Radius (mm)
* Data is intended to indicate relative strength and will vary across different sizes.  Figures shown are based on 21 mm nominal size conduit