Heyco Wire Positioning Devices Tensioning Tools
Heavy Duty

Part No. 0998 fits all standard duty cable ties. Metal construction, has three tension settings, and automatically trims excess.

Operating Instructions:

  • Cinch cable tie around items to approximate bundle diameter.
  • Insert exposed cable tie strap into side of tension tool
  • Squeeze trigger until cable tie strap is cut off.

Tension Settings: 3 settings; 1 is the lowest tension and 3 is the highest tension setting.

Recommended Cable Ties: Standard duty wire ties with tensile strength of 18 lbs through 50 lbs.


Light Duty

Part No. 0999 for standard duty cable ties. Low cost, durable construction. Tightens conventionally, then trims with a twist of the wrist.

Operating Instructions:

Feed cable tie into tool head –pull trigger to tension.
Hold trigger tension and twist tool 1/2 turn.