Heyco Strain Reliefs Knock-Out Adapters
Knock-Out Adapter

Material: Zinc Plated Steel

  • Converts trade size knock-out holes to diameters suitable for strain relief bushings.
  • Allows for standardization of panel design since various strain relief bushing sizes can be adapted to one panel hole size.
  • Allows for the mounting of strain relief bushings into unusually thick panels.
  • Adapters mount into 1/2" knock-outs (.875" or 22,2 mm nominal diameter).
  • A-10 Adapter Pliers (Part #0024) for quick and easy locking of adapters.
Heyco® Knock-Out Adapters for Strain Relief Bushings
Will Adapt These Strain Reliefs to Fit a
.875" (22,2 mm.) Diameter Hole.
Description Lug Length
in. mm.
3L-1, 3P-4, 3P-5, 3W-1, 13-1 7561 A-21F .500 12,7
4K-1, 4K-4, 4K-6, 4L-1, 4L-4,
5L-1, 5P3-4, 5P-4, 5P-7, 5S-1,
6W-1, 14-1, 15-1, 5M-3
7562 A-22F .500 12,7
Same as A-22F above except...
.515" (13,1 mm) Mounting Hole Diameter
7563 A-23F .500 12,7
6K-5, 6L-1, 6P2-5, 6P3-4,
6P3-5, 6P3-7, 6P-4, 6P-5,
6P-7, 10-2, 11-2, 11K-2
7567 A-25F .500 12,7
5K-4, 5W-1, 16-1 7570 A-28F .500 12,7
20-1, 20L-1, 30-1 7572 A-41 .500 12,7

A-10 Adapter Pliers (Part No. 0024) for quick and easy locking of strain relief Knock-Out adapters.

A-10 Adapter PliersA-10 Adapter Pliers