Heyco Strain Reliefs Air Tool, Air Tool Jaws & Replacement Parts
Air Tool

Length: 7" (178 mm)

Air Pressure Required: 80 to 125 psi at the tool

Jaw Clearance Required: 1-3/4" (44,5 mm)

  • Activated with a flap handle, the Heyco Hand Air Tool eliminates operator fatigue and improves assembly rates.
  • Included air fittings and hose make connection to your compressed air system a breeze.
  • Air tool jaws and other replacement parts may be purchased separately.
  • Replaceable jaws cover a wide range of strain relief sizes and are suitable for all strain relief bushings used in mounting holes up to .875" (22,2 mm) in diameter.
  • Each air tool is provided with one set of jaws (one upper and one lower). A different set of jaws is needed for each mounting hole diameter. The part number used to order the air tool depends upon which jaws you require.
  • Referencing the table below, locate the panel hole diameter and strain relief bushing that you are using. The required air tool part number and jaws are listed on the same line.
  • Part No. 0T02 Conversion Kit provides the necessary components to convert a hand air tool into a bench mounted unit. The bench air tool can be mounted in any convenient position on the assembly work surface. The unit is foot activated, leaving the operator's hands free.
Heyco® Air Tool and Air Tool Jaws Directory
For Heyco Original Strain Relief Bushings
Panel Hole Diameter For Use with Strain Relief Bushings

Air Tool
Including Jaws
Jaw Part Number*
in. mm. Upper Lower
.375   9,5 2L-1, 2M-1, 2P-4, 2P-5 0171 0T47 0T48
.437 11,1 3A-4 0173 0T49 0T50
3L-1, 3P-4, 3P-5, 3W-1, 13-1 0175 0T51 0T52
.500 12,7 4A-6 0177 0T53 0T54
4K-1, 4K-4, 4K-6, 4L-1, 4L-4,
4N-4, 4N-5, 4N-6, 4N-7, 4P-4,
5L-1, 5M-3, 5MN-3, 5N-4,
5N-5, 5N-7, 5P-4, 5P-7, 5P3-4, 5S-1,
6W-1, 14-1, 15-1
0179 0T55 0T56
.562 14,3 5K-4, 5KN-4, 5W-1, 16-1 0181 0T59 0T60
.625 15,9 6K-5, 6L-1, 6N-4, 6N-7,
6N3-4, 6N3-5, 6N3-7, 6P-4,
6P-5, 6P-7, 6P2-5, 6P3-4,
6P3-7, 6P10, 6P30,
10-2, 11-2, 11K-2
0183 0T61 0T62
.750 19,1 7N-2 0185   0T63 1   0T64 2
7P-2, 7P-7, 17-2 0187   0T65 1   0T66 2
.875 22,2 7K-2, 7L-2, 7W-2,
8L-1, 8P-2, 24-1, 31-2, 34-2
0189   0T67 1   0T68 2
8N-2 0193   0T71 1   0T72 2
.375 x .625   9,5 x 15,9 300-1, 302-1 0191 0T69 0T70
.560 x .730 14,2 x 18,5 20-1, 20L-1, 30-1 0195 0T73 0T74
.750 x .875 19,1 x 22,2 23-1, 33-1 0197 0T75   0T76 2
1 Secondary (upper) Jaw style. When ordering, additional spacer may be required. (Part No. 0T36 [Qty 2]).
2 Secondary (lower) Jaw style. When ordering, additional spacer may be required. (Part No. 0T77 [Qty 1]).
* Jaw part number if ordered separately.

Replacement Parts

For Air Tool Part No. 0T00 (16-78H)

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For Bench Kit Part No. 0T02

BenchkitClick to Enlarge